*First episode*

Claire is a nervous wreck following her fire ordeal and a worried Sally takes her out for a walk. Ashley is stunned when the police turn up and start asking him questions about the time that Claire was sectioned. The police imply that Claire may have had something to do with the fire and he loyally insists that she’s innocent. The young mum returns home and is arrested.

Leanne tells Carla that she’ll be able to come up with the £20,000 investment for the restaurant in six weeks. Janice is horrified when she overhears Leanne on the phone asking to go back on the books at the escort agency but Leanne assures Janice that it’s a temporary measure. Meanwhile, Paul is unhappy about Carla getting involved with Leanne.

Norris realises that Rita is missing Doreen after their falling out but she’s loathe to make the first move. Norris finds Doreen’s number and arranges to meet her. He tells Doreen that Rita wants to make friends again and suggests she take her old mate out for a few drinks.

Also, Derek tells Liz that Linda suspects he’s having an affair, although she hasn’t discovered who he’s bedding.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
Ashley confides in Kevin that he can’t completely dismiss the possibility that Claire could have flipped again and started the fire. Meanwhile, an unwitting Claire is questioned by the police and she insists on her innocence, but she’s frustrated when they push her about her past mental health problems. Claire is eventually released without charge and she wearily looks to Ashley to reassure her that he believes she’s innocent, unaware of her husband’s doubts.

Paul is dismayed when Carla reveals that she’s going into business with Leanne and he warns her to stay away from her. Carla is convinced that Paul is just miffed that she’s doing something for herself as he struggles to hide the reason for his dislike of Leanne. The couple continue to argue later when they go into the Rovers and Liam and Leanne try to calm them down. Liam is puzzled when Leanne takes a call and says she needs to leave now to meet her ‘sister’.

Also, Liz is terrified that Vernon may find out about her affair with Derek when he tells her that he thinks Derek fancies her; Violet flirts with a pub customer, Tam.