Claire is in a bad mood after another long night listening to Darryl’s music booming out of the shed and she’s determined to do something about it. She’s furious when the family don’t take her threat to call the council seriously and she storms over to the shed and confiscates the sound system herself!

Michelle looks forward to finally having a night alone with Steve when she convinces Liam to look after Ryan. But her romantic plan is thwarted when she arrives for their date at the Italian restaurant to find that Steve has brought Amy. The date is cut short when Amy has a funny turn, but Liz relents and agrees to look after Amy while Steve and Michelle have some time together.

A heartbroken Kirk admits to Maria that Fiz has dumped him and a protective Maria immediately suspects that Fiz has pushed Kirk aside to go after John. Fiz insists that John had nothing to do with her decision to leave Kirk and their relationship had simply run out of steam.

Also, Leanne panics that her cover is about to be blown when Dev quizzes her on buying property abroad!