Sunita and Dev feel terrible about accusing Claire of hurting Aadi and know they need to apologise. But Claire has had enough and is beginning to feel that Weatherfield has nothing left to offer her and her family. She just can’t accept the Alahans’ apology and plans to move away.

Kylie is enjoying her time with Gary and ignores the huge amounts of missed calls from Becky, who is anxiously trying to find her in time for the court hearing. When the phone calls yield no joy and unable to contact her sister, Becky decides on a drastic plan to ensure Kylie wins custody of Max at the court hearing.

Izzy’s upset when she discovers that Gary spent the night with Kylie, but it explains why he didn’t turn up at the pub to meet her. Meanwhile, Gary and Quinny have a heart to heart about what to do if the worst were to happen to either of them in Afghanistan.

Also, Katy skips school and goes to the market with Chas.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky is still panicking about Kylie’s whereabouts and enlists Steve to help go out and find her. Meanwhile, Liz discovers that she’s hiding out at the Windasses and the pair go head to head. Later, Becky is forced to do all the talking in court, as Becky’s still drunk. She’s under pressure to convince the judge that Max is better off returning home with them.

Gary and Quinny head for the Rovers, where Izzy gives Gary a short shrift and winds him up by flirting with Kirk. But later a young lad thinks Izzy looks like a sure thing and starts hassling her. An angry Gary and Quinny step in to help her, with devastating consequences.

Claire plucks up the courage to tell Ashley that she has been doing some serious thinking while staying with her mum, and decided it will be best for everyone if they moved away.

Ashley’s shocked by Claire’s announcement and tells her to think about it, confident she’ll change her mind in time. He’s heartbroken to discover she’s handed in her notice at Streetcars behind his back.

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