Claire is unconscious at the bottom of the stairs as the fire rages around her. Roy spots the smoke and calls the fire brigade and a brave Jamie and Kirk kick down the front door and drag Claire to safety. Jamie realises that Freddie is still inside and braves the flames, along with Roy and Jerry but the fire is too far out of control and they’re forced back. The firefighters arrive and also search for Freddie, but can’t find him in the flames…

Deirdre is shaken after the fire at the Peacocks and she pays a visit to Ken at Denise’s flat. Deirdre tells her estranged hubby that she’s realised how important he is to her and she wants him to come back home. But Ken sticks to his guns and tells her that his relationship with Daniel now comes first and a dejected Deirdre leaves alone.

Liam is still puzzled by Paul’s animosity towards Leanne and he wonders if Paul knew that Leanne ‘lost her job’. Leanne is evasive when Liam questions her about it and he is left unsatisfied.

Also, Liz has another secret meeting with Derek in his love pad.