Having changed the locks in Max’s flat, Clare clearly means business, leaving Max feeling helpless. While Max repeatedly fails to force his way back into his flat, OB urges him to take action and he, Max, and Tony end up trying to break down the door together in an effort to drive Clare out. But as the police arrive, Max finds himself in even more trouble when Clare accuses him of assault.

John-Paul is determined not to hurt Hannah’s feelings, but his hot and cold behaviour is confusing her. However she’s pleased when John-Paul suggests she bunk off school to take a river boat ride together. But when Jack catches them in one of the boats, Hannah loses her footing and falls in the water. Back at the house, they dry off and end up falling into each other’s arms against John-Paul’s better judgment.

Zoe’s distraught when she sees a poster in college advertising her services for sex, and is determined to find out who’s responsible. Will pretends to be surprised when Zoe mentions the poster, and hints that Rhys is the culprit.

Later, at The Dog, Will deliberately makes a scene, loudly accusing Rhys of putting up the poster. Rhys is furious and the pair end up brawling, but Rhys comes off worse to Will’s delight.