Max is horrified to see a terrified Tom in Clare’s clutches, but he’s no match for Clare in his current sick state and is crushed when Clare tells him a few home truths about their relationship. Max has no idea what to do when Clare refuses to leave until she gets what she came for, and he is forced to do a runner with Tom. Later, Max, OB and Tony turn up at the flat, only to discover that Clare has changed the locks.

Josh is distraught after being dumped by Amy and blames his mum. Realising Amy hasn’t told Josh she’s pregnant, Suzanne feels even sorrier for her son, but knows she can’t tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Rhys and Gilly attempt to cheer up Josh and inspire him to write a love song for Amy in an effort to win her back.

Nancy invites her friends around for a party, but Craig and John-Paul don’t get a look in as Sarah and Hannah meet and greet gorgeous Freddie. Hannah is only interested in John-Paul but he’s distracted by the sight of Sarah and Craig getting intimate. Later, he walks Hannah home, but ends up making her feel even more insecure and she takes some extreme measures to ease her pain.