A sobered-up Max is horrified when OB reminds him that he asked Warren to put a contract out to kill Clare and they both race over to The Loft – but luckily Warren didn’t take them seriously. Max’s day gets worse when Clare shows up and repeats her ultimatum; either Max hands over The Loft or she goes to social services and tells them he’s mistreating Tom.

Louise, Warren and Calvin are finding it hard to live together in the Evissa flat and when Calvin threatens Warren with an investigation following an assault at The Loft, Warren gives Calvin a DVD of CCTV footage showing Sonny beating up a drunk and threatens to give the DVD to the police.

John-Paul and Craig are pretending that everything is fine between them following John-Paul’s confession, but in reality, they’re feeling increasingly uncomfortable with each other. Craig ends up confiding his worries to Kris, who isn’t very comforting.

Zak, Zoe, Will, Rhys, Gilly, Kris and Jessica all apply to be medical guinea pigs but Rhys and Zoe can barely stand to be in the same room as each other and Will is once again on hand to manipulate the situation to his advantage.