Clare hits on Justin

Determined to get control of The Loft, Clare attempts to get Justin on side, despite Justin being more interested in helping Warren out with his little cocaine sideline. But when Clare calls round at the flat wanting to talk pleasure rather than business, Justin is tempted to give in to her charms.

Keen to make a success of MOBS – their new business venture at the Octagon, OB proposes that he and Max buy the Octagon from Tony. But with Tony demanding £10,000, OB is forced to think of a better plan and decides to ply him with a few drinks at The Dog. But Tony’s in a stubborn mood, and OB and Max are about to give up when an unlikely benefactor comes forward…

Josh is sporting a black eye following his fight with Mike Barnes, but is worried about Suzanne finding out. Unsurprisingly, when she sees his bruise, Suzanne is furious and is determined to confront Mike.

Also, still trying to prove his value to The Dog, Darren organises a dubious charity quiz and raffle night to bring in customers, and ropes Steph, OB, Max and Tony into giving him a hand. But when the quiz and raffle get under way, Steph and Max smell a rat.

*Screened on TV3, Friday April 27*