Clare hits the bottle

Out of hospital, Clare is disturbed to return to Hollyoaks to find a chilling message pinned to the door of the Loft, and the club itself in a terrible state. But she’s forced to pull herself together when Louise turns up and accuses her of lying about Warren. Later, when she’s alone, her nerves get the better of her and she hits the bottle.

Despite the overcrowded nature of the Il Gnosh flat, McQueen sisters Jacqui and Carmel are getting on surprisingly well. Their domestic bliss is short lived though when Tina and Dom return from their honeymoon, and Tina is furious to discover what’s been happening while she’s been away. But she’s forced to have a rethink when Jacqui tells her she’s pregnant.

Things don’t look good for the Barnes family when Amy refuses to join them to visit Kathy following her breakdown. However, the visit doesn’t manage to cheer any of the family up, and when Amy declares that she doesn’t care if she never sees Kathy again, Mike worries that Kathy and Amy’s relationship had reached breaking point.

*Screened on TV3, Monday September 3*