While Louise and Calvin are arrested, Justin panics about getting Sean’s missing wallet back to Warren by the end of the day or having to face the consequences. Clare is amused when Justin begs her for the wallet but he’s relieved when she relents and hands it over, and Justin is confident that he’ll soon be back in Warren’s good books…

Jacqui and Mercedes are eager to win Darren’s ‘couples quiz’ at The Dog, reckoning they’re in with a great chance of winning the £100 prize by answering questions on their respective partners. Jacqui and Aleksander are confident they’ll sail through after their tough immigration interview, but Mercedes and Russ are just as determined to get their hands on the cash.

While Sarah and Hannah encourage Craig to make up with John-Paul, Craig is quick to defend his former friend when Sonny insults him. Could this be the start of reconciliation?

Determined to get her hands on the inheritance cash, Steph needs to find a charitable cause that doesn’t sound like too much hard work. And she thinks she may have found the answer when geeky Elliott tells her about The Rocketry Society – a collection of nerds determined to put a rocket in space while saving the planet at the same time.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday May 10*