Claudette goes to Blades and asks Paul why he’s been telling Vincent lies, telling him to back off. Paul insists he doesn’t want Pam getting hurt, asking Claudette to stay away from Pam.

The blood on Max’s shoes is confirmed as Lucy’s. A panicked Max explains it must have been from Lucy’s nosebleed after Jake hit her. Accusing Max of not getting his story straight, Bryant formally charges Max with murder. After learning that Max is going to be charged in court later that day, Ian tells Jane it’s the price they have to pay to protect Bobby. When Stacey tells Abi that Max is innocent, Abi snaps at Stacey, telling her to accept Max’s guilt. Later, Max calls Stacey, asking for her help, claiming he knows who killed Lucy.

Billy finds Lola and Jay in the house, packing some last belongings before leaving to stay with Dexter in Newcastle. After pleading with them to at least stay and eat before they go, Billy pops out to bring Janet home so Lola can say goodbye. Instead of going to get Janet, Billy calls the police, telling them he knows where Jay is. When Jay is arrested on suspicion of robbery, Lola realises it was Billy. Telling Billy that there’s a chance for her to really be something away from the Square, Lola leaves for the train with Lexi, saying a tearful goodbye.