Audrey enjoys being made a fuss of as Lewis brings her breakfast in bed on her birthday. Meanwhile, Natasha organises everyone for Audrey’s big surprise. Lewis takes her to the Rovers where she’s greeted by all her friends and family, but she’s taken aback to find her real age is common knowledge. Natasha’s annoyed to have her big moment upstaged by Maria’s arrival, while Audrey’s perturbed when Claudia shows up. While Audrey gives a speech, a tipsy Claudia bitchily lets slip to Gail about Lewis being a gigolo.

Sophie’s still concerned that Ryan will blab and in an effort to reassure her, Sian takes her to see him. Sophie assures Ryan that she didn’t steal Sian from him and thanks him for keeping quiet. They’re delighted when he sells them the festival tickets he had bought for him and Sian.

Eileen tells Lloyd she wants to become a partner in Street Cars. Steve and Lloyd find the idea laughable, but are horrified when Eileen overhears and storms out. Her day gets worse when she learns that her landlord’s increasing her rent.

Also, Dev looks after Aadi and Asha while Sunita sets off for work;
Maria tells Fiz and Hayley that she’s moving back to Weatherfield.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail questions Rita after Claudia tells her that Rita is one of Lewis’s ex clients. Later, she tackles Lewis about his former profession and although he assures her he cares for Audrey, Gail accuses him of being after her money. Audrey’s defensive when it’s her turn to be questioned and tells Gail Lewis has already moved in. She announces to the packed pub that she and Lewis are selling up and moving away for a new life in the sun.

Lloyd and Steve try to pacify Eileen by offering her a promotion and a rise. She calls on Molly and Tyrone and announces that she wants to buy No 9 from them as soon as possible. Molly’s delighted, but Tyrone’s not happy.

Maria expresses an interest in buying the salon and Audrey’s pleased. But later, Natasha asks Audrey if she’ll consider selling her the salon if she can raise the money. Audrey agrees, but informs a seething Natasha that Maria’s also interested.

Also, Mary calls on Hayley to carry out an impromptu wedding dress fitting; Fiz is thrilled when Hayley asks her to be her bridesmaid; Dev’s frazzled after looking after the twins, but refuses Sunita’s suggestion to employ a childminder.

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