Claudia’s having doubts about Geoff

Claudia assures Geoff that her unborn baby is his. An upset Claudia asks Martha for advice. She says that Claudia’s future is with Geoff. Geoff runs into Lachie at The Diner and tells him to stay away. Lachie says he would be with Claudia if it weren’t for Geoff and that he’s going to get Geoff at the game next week.

Miles admits to Alf that he and Kirsty are thinking about having kids. Alf tells this to Kirsty, who is annoyed that Miles is telling people their private business. Kirsty tries to raise this with Miles but he’s too annoyed to listen. Later on when they do talk about it, she admits she’s open to the idea of kids, just not now, until they are a bit more settled. Miles accepts this.

Martha admits to Rachel that she kissed Hugo. Rachel invites Martha over for dinner with her and Tony. But Tony, who doesn’t know about Hugo and Martha’s situation, invites Hugo. To minimise an awkward situation, Rachel asks Miles and Kirsty along, unaware they are having troubles too. After dinner, Hugo and Martha have an emotionally charged moment together and it looks like they are going to kiss, when Tony sees them.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 17*

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