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As Cleaning Up continues, Sheridan Smith's Sam is now earning from her money-making scheme, but it comes at a great cost as pal Jess discovers

With money in her pocket, Sam’s gambling habit gets the better of her as Cleaning Up continues

They say that friends and money don’t mix, and no one understands that more than cleaner Sam (Sheridan Smith) this week.

With their money-making ‘insider trading’ scheme already bearing fruit, Sam’s best mate Jess (Jade Anouka) is counting on putting her portion of their shares account towards buying a 
van for her mobile catering business.

Cleaning up - Sam is happy to blend in at work. Shows Sheridan Smith as Sam in her cleaning apron in the lift at work

Sam is happy to blend in at work

Unfortunately, gambling addict Sam suffers 
a slight blip… and when we 
say ‘blip’, we mean she blows 
all of their cash on slot machines!

Cleaning Up 2 of 6 - shows Sam and Mina

Fellow cleaner Mina starts asking Sam questions…

Needless to say 
Jess is NOT happy! To make amends, Sam stages an elaborate ruse to try to win back Jess’s cash.

But will 
Sam’s latest gamble pay 

TV Times rating: ****