Clifford and Louise consider their future

Waking up together, Clifford tells Louise he loves her but gives her an ultimatum: either admit their affair to Alex or end it now. On the wards, Alex tells Clifford he suspects Louise is having an affair with someone at the hospital, which Clifford laughs off. Later, Louise decides who she wants, and drives off with Alex.

When Joseph doesn’t attend the reading of his father’s will, Lady Byrne brings two envelopes to the hospital: one containing a £500,000 cheque for him, the other for Jac. Later, Faye backs Joseph when he makes a life-saving decision over a patient, much to Jac’s annoyance.

A little worse for wear after his night out with Maddy and Donna, Mark makes a near-fatal mistake with a patient. Later, Elliot’s son James is in the toilets about to inject heroin when he hears Mark coming in to take coke. James sees Mark’s wrap float to the floor and smiles – he knows Mark’s little secret.

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