Clint orders Aden to throw the match

Aden is agitated about the rugby after Clint tells him to throw the match. Aden refuses, but Clint threatens him. Aden pleads with Geoff to help him throw the game, but Geoff is disgusted. Aden throws Geoff a poor pass and Geoff gets a bloodied nose. Geoff is determined to scupper Aden’s plan and scores the winning try. Aden meets Clint, who issues an ultimatum: take out Geoff before the next game or Clint will take out Aden.

Geoff protects Claudia from an angry Lachie, but she insists he just needs time to cool off. The next day they hear that Lachie can move his toes – he might be OK after all. Lachie’s attitude changes, and Geoff’s worried Claudia will go back to their old routine. Irene lets Claudia stay as long as she wants. Claudia’s touched – but decides to stay with some relatives instead. She embraces Geoff and leaves.

Trey’s stepfather John is trying to draw Trey out of his withdrawn state. He tries surf-lifesaving, and lobbies Bartlett to allow Trey on the trek. Ruby and Annie start a petition to stop him going. Nicole signs it, but starts to have her doubts after seeing the kind of relationship Trey has with his stepdad.

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