Holly is high and looking forward to a night on the town with Roz. But mum Moira has volunteered her for babysitting duty at Mulberry Cottage. That would be a real downer if Holly didn’t have more coke, which she happily snorts while child-minding. Roz is horrified but says nothing when Laurel and Ashley get home. As it turns out, though, she doesn’t have to… Holly has dropped some drugs which Ashley finds and, unlike Adam, Aaron and Roz, Ashley won’t keep quiet about Holly’s habit.

Andy has calmed down and wants Adele back. But she’s seen his dark side and isn’t that desperate for a boyfriend. Trying to help, Katie tells Andy to get professional advice and he goes to the doctor, who suggests anger management therapy. But that costs money; something Andy doesn’t have (along with a girlfriend and an even temper).

Scarlett has loads of money and can afford to quit her job – so she does. She has had enough of Carl patronising her and decides he can take his job and shove it where the sun don’t shine. She can manage nicely on her own. Well! That there’s fighting talk…

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