Cold Feet (VIDEO)

Blimey, Adam must be wishing he'd stayed in Singapore as Cold Feet continues!

Blimey, Adam must be wishing he’d stayed in Singapore! With new wife Angela not enjoying her time in the UK and Matt in a very tetchy mood after being caught with Ellie, Adam’s pals are also burdening him with their own woes!

Poor Pete is struggling with depression and finding that visits to fed-up pensioner Harry (James Bolam) aren’t helping. Things aren’t going well for David either, with the police knocking on his door to make an arrest…

Perhaps a boys-only cycling trip will cheer them all up, or will it make matters worse?

Meanwhile, the girls aren’t having much fun, either, as Jen’s hotel guest Trevor is proving hard to shake off and Karen is unsure how she feels about Angela’s father Eddie.

Watch a Cold Feet clip: