A menacing Ben turns up at the Stapes demanding to know where Fishwick is. Fiz is obviously terrified so caves in and gives him the address. John’s desperately trying to figure out his next move when Colin then arrives back battered and bruised. Luke wants him out of town and he needs money to get away. John’s aghast as Colin tells him he’s got till tomorrow or he’ll got to the police.

Maria‘s back at the salon and she, Natasha and David all jostle for position. It’s all out war and with all the bickering Greece can’t come soon enough for Audrey. Gail offers an olive branch when she sees her mum in trouble.

Liz is getting increasingly baffled when she gets more strange male attention in the Rovers and Michelle’s worried. She tells Sean it’s time he deleted ‘Liz’s’ Facesene page before he’s rumbled.

Also, Lloyd helps a stressed Cheryl to look after Russ; Sophie’s gutted when Sally says she can’t go to the festival.

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