Fiz and Ches head off to his cafe party but John’s panicking and makes an excuse to stay behind, promising he’ll follow them asap. Desperate to buy some time with Colin he’s called on Charlotte, who he offers five hundred pounds. Later, an expectant Colin arrives and when he sees that’s all the money John’s raised he goes to call the police. John tries to snatch the phone and as a heated struggle breaks out Colin collapses.

Sean makes an ill-advised comment to Violet on Facescene and something twigs. It’s not long before she’s on the phone to Liz having guessed it’s been Sean all along playing silly beggars. Liz is furious; she now understands the reaction from her punters at the pub and sacks Sean immediately.

Natasha throws down the gauntlet. She sets up a customer satisfaction score chart at the salon as Audrey plans her escape, while Deirdre wonders if Lewis’s heart is in it.

Also, Chris is back and Cheryl agrees to talk.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

John kneels over Colin’s dead body. He’s about to call the police, but wonders what they’ll think when they uncover his lies. Deciding they need to get rid of the body they haul it into a wheelie bin and head for Charlotte’s car. But when she snaps her key in the lock they panic and are forced to drag the bin into Underworld. Finding an old sump hole the builders haven’t yet filled they decide to leave the body there then John can slip back in the night and move it. Sweating, John makes his way to the party where he apologises to Fiz. But when Carla demands Owen work late and finish the factory floor it looks like Colin’s about to be found.

Liz acts as a go-between for Sean and Violet as he breaks down over his lack of relationship with Dylan. Agreeing to give him another chance she then calls Violet, hoping to make things better on Sean’s behalf.

Cheryl agrees that Chris can visit Russ. But later, Chris warns Lloyd not to muscle in on his family.

Also, Ches hits it off with Izzy’s sister Kat as the party goers get punch drunk.

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