Colin dies suddenly

Julie is devastated when she discovers that Colin has died of a heart attack and she sobs hysterically over her father’s body. Eileen urges Julie to get a grip and she goes to break the news to Jason. Eileen appears cold as she battles to hold it together in front of her family. When she opens Colin’s wallet and finds a photo of him with her when she was a little girl she finally breaks down. Meanwhile, Rita hears the shock news and also battles her emotions.

Chesney has been left worried about Fiz’s mysterious hospital visit and he asks his sister what she was up to. Fiz thinks quickly and lies that she was accompanying Maria to an appointment. Chesney is suspicious about Fiz’s excuse and he starts to worry that Fiz may be seriously ill.

Michelle gets back from a great night out with Luke and is surprised to get a call from JD, who asks her to go on tour with the band. Michelle has always wanted the opportunity to go on tour and is excited about the offer, but she realises she can’t leave Ryan on his own and she sadly has to decline.

Also, Norris is furious to find Ramsay holding court in the Rovers with Emily, Ken, Deirdre and Blanche and he storms out.