Fiz is still keen for John to quit and drop his pretence now Colin’s returned. John thinks they’re over the worst, when a man claiming to be Ben Fielding turns up at No 5 demanding to see the man who’s sleeping with his wife! Fiz’s sure there’s been a mistake when Ben recognises John and aims a blow.

Sophie can’t control her jealousy and isn’t happy when Sian agrees to have lunch at Ryan’s. Ciaran helps him to create a romantic setting in the hope that Sian can be won over. Later, Sophie barges in to find him and Sian relaxed in each other’s company. Ryan’s baffled as she storms out and Sian chases after her.

The twins wreak havoc in the shop as Sunita and Dev agree over her desire to work. Sunita pretends to Dev that she’s in control, but is relieved when Claire offers to take the twins off her hands.

Also, Eileen’s fed up with her lot in life, and in her anger advises Sean not to try and find Dylan; Natasha tells Gail and David that she’s going to throw a surprise 70th birthday party for Audrey. They both agree that Audrey will expect a fuss.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

John tells Fielding that Colin moved to Canada and it’s a case of mistaken identity. Fielding leaves and Fiz demands to know whether John’s sleeping with Charlotte. Relieved when he denies everything, she tells him he must quit or their marriage is over. Later, John bumps into Charlotte and is horror-struck when she makes it clear that she wants him, threatening to report him to the authorities if he doesn’t satisfy her wishes.

Sian assures Sophie that her lunch with Ryan was innocent, and leans in for a kiss. But they’re horrified when they spot Ryan – he’s seen everything. Sian tries to explain that she’s confused about her sexuality and begs him to keep her secret, but he’s non-committal. The pair begin to worry that Ryan will tell all.

Natasha asks Liz to arrange Audrey‘s surprise 70th at the Rovers, while Lewis conceals his shock at Audrey’s age. Later, Audrey invites him to move in with her and although Lewis tries to look pleased by the idea it’s clear that he’s not keen

Also, Sunita’s mortified to discover she over-ordered stock while distracted by the twins. She snaps and challenges Dev to stay at home with the children for a week while she runs the shop and he agrees.

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