Colleen has a nasty surprise in store

Colleen’s found out that her collection of Toby jugs is worth quite a bit of money and tells, everyone at The Diner, a conversation overheard by Jett. The young tearaway breaks into Colleen’s caravan, steals her cash and tries to buy drugs from Heath, who turns him away. Later, Colleen decides to auction off the jugs to raise money to visit her son in the US but when she and Marilyn return to the caravan they find the door forced open and the jugs smashed to pieces on the floor.

Romeo is stunned to discover he won’t surf competitively again but Ruby tries to comfort him by suggesting they start a business together. Then Romeo learns that Ruby had turned Indi away the night before and is furious, calling his wife and asking her to visit him. When she arrives, however, each realise the other is moving forward with their new partner. Later, Romeo tells Ruby his marriage is over and he wants to be with her.

Heath tries to trick Bianca into watching the ultrasound DVD with him and, though she’s not fooled, she sees his joy in being the father of the baby.