The Pier Diner is all set to open, but Colleen is riddled with guilt over incriminating Martha in Sam’s murder case and her attitude is making her unbearable to work with. Her new found family don’t want her, she has caused huge problems for Martha, and she keeps breaking crockery. Fed up, Colleen quits, and it’s left to Leah to provide her with support, convincing Colleen that she doesn’t have to be a Stewart to be appreciated.

Matilda advises Geoff to tell love-struck Melody the truth, even if it hurts her feelings. But Melody isn’t making it easy for him, bringing gifts and even a poem for Geoff at school. The poem falls into the hands of other students, who embarrass Melody by reading it out in front of the entire class, before revealing to her that they found it in the bin. Hurt Melody confronts Geoff, who ends up insensitively telling her to leave him alone and stop stalking him. Melody is left devastated.

Noel’s planning and scheming have successfully made Ric jobless and left him with a mountain of debt. The only option left seems to be Noel’s proposal to fight. But will Ric go through with it?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 21*

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