Colleen ruins Leah and Miles’s alone time

Colleen manages to hijack a picnic that Miles and Leah are going on. But when she thinks about bringing Keith and taking things to the next level, she starts panicking, wondering if he could possibly like her as much as she likes him. Keith comes to the rescue and gives her a kiss, and their picnic is underway. Colleen’s joy is short lived, however, when she makes a shocking discovery.

Angelo is still missing and rumours of the Braxtons’s involvement in his disappearance have been rampant. Ruby has been deeply affected. She avoids Casey at every turn and even volunteers to work at the Diner to get out of seeing him. Eventually, Casey confronts Ruby about avoiding him and she can’t deny what she’s doing.

Indi organises a charter for Romeo’s boat trip business and Romeo is grateful. She suggests he hire a deck hand but after his last experience, Romeo thinks he can handle it on his own. The charter turns out to be a divorce celebration and the people at the party go overboard, literally. Romeo realises he bit off more than he could chew and vows to listen to Indi next time.

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