Colleen sticks her oar in

Roo attempts to build bridges in Summer Bay in light of her return, but Colleen can’t help reminding Roo that perhaps her life hasn’t turned out exactly how she hoped it would. Alf has a quiet word with Colleen telling her to say nice things or nothing at all.

Liam introduces Nina to Vittorio and Bianca and they discuss the upcoming marriage. Despite her reservations, Bianca decides she wants to move the wedding forward. Later on, Vittorio tells Liam that he can forget about Bianca as she’s marrying him.

Sid finally reveals to Marilyn that Mitzy told him that her end date still stands. Marilyn is shocked by this news and needs some time to process it. Marilyn decides that she doesn’t want to move in with Sid till he has had time to tell the children.

Xavier spends time with John trying to help him through the relationship break up. When Liam gets his job back from Gina, Xavier sees this as an opportunity for John and Gina to reconcile. He talks to John to try and get him to sort things out with Gina. Little does Xavier know John and Gina have already reconciled and are having a saucy affair behind closed doors.

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