Come dine with Ashley (or not)

Ashley is going to need more than God on his side to survive working with gormless Gareth and Oli, who looks like he thinks “fast food” means he has to eat everything he sees at top speed. Ashley tells them he used to be a vicar, but that doesn’t make him interesting to them, it just makes him the butt of their jokes. And Gareth and Oli are to comedy what the iceberg was to the Titanic. Still, it’s all worth it if it helps Ashley regain the respect of his family. Trouble is, it doesn’t look as if it does.

Alicia’s struggling to retain her sense of self-respect as she stands in court charged with assault. She’s in big trouble – bigger than anyone realises. After she’s released on bail, Alicia admits she has a previous conviction for assault (on one of her mum’s carers) and now she faces a prison sentence. Val is unrepentant, though. She has no money, no man, no friends – and no heart. She’s determined that Alicia will pay for punching her.

Holly’s determined to reclaim the life she had before she got sidetracked by drugs. She’s lined up a job interview as a trainee designer, but she’s keeping it a secret from her family.