The Sun Hill officers are faced with the aftermath of the rioting football fans in the conclusion of this two-part story… A man has been stabbed to death and Commander Lisa Kennedy (Julie Graham – Survivors) finds herself in a difficult position as her son has been caught on CCTV running away from the crime scene.

The press are all over the story of the man’s death and are blaming the police, who had controversially contained – or ‘kettled’ – fans. The body of Yusef Hanoush was found after the riot and the press is suggesting his death could be race-related. Lisa and Superintendent Jack Meadows are getting ready to face reporters’ questions when Lisa is shown film of her son, Mark, running from the alley where Yusef’s body was found. Shocked, Lisa agrees that he has to be brought in for questioning. Mark agrees that he was in the alleyway but denies having anything to do with Yusef’s death.

Meanwhile, investigations reveal that Yusef wasn’t a football fan on his way to the game, as his wife believed; he was a married man who was playing away, having an affair with his boss. So, was Yusef the victim of someone who was out to even the score? And will Lisa score an own goal as she deals with the fall-out of the murder investigation?