Julia’s concerns over Lauren grow when she hears from Lauren’s temp agency who are also worried about her. Julia tries to find out what Kevin knows and he reluctantly admits they argued because he was sure she was seeing someone else, he hasn’t heard from her since.

Thinking they were friends, Julia talks to Imogen, who reveals Lauren made her life hell. Cherry suggests Lauren just went on holiday – a lot of casual workers go awayb at the drop of a hat – but Julia isn’t entirely convinced and Kevin tries to call Lauren for the rest of the day. As Lauren’s land line rings out we see her laid out, still on the kitchen floor…

Meanwhile, Heston is happily practising his Mikado songs until Mrs Tembe gets involved and tries to improve his tuneless performance. Heston’s confidence is knocked but Mrs Tembe soon cheers him again by insisting his energy and unique interpretation is perfect.

Also, Jimmi meets a man who has accidentally eaten an engagement ring meant for his brother’s girlfriend – and it’s needed that evening.