With Ross displaying signs of worsening forgetfulness, Morag worries he might have a tumour, or be on the verge of a stroke, but he refuses to consider anything is wrong. She books him in for a check-up but instead of heading to hospital, he arrives at the police station, apparently with a tip on the location of a homicide victim.

Out of respect, Jack puts a team together. But when the search draws no results, Ross grows more confused. Heading back to the station to investigate, Jack discovers the body Ross is looking for was already found in 1979. He bumps into Charlie and Morag, out looking for Ross. Together, they finally take him to hospital for a check-up.

Ruby worries that Charlie will sabotage her relationship with Roman because she is trying to not come across as clingy. And when Charlie offers to call off a date simply because Roman seems a little distracted, he wonders if she wants to go at all.

After agreeing to help Murray stop the development, Belle is disappointed when he turns up late and disorganised at the council meeting. Without proof, Murray is humiliated. But when Murray insists his claims are true, Belle reluctantly agrees to continue helping him.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday November 4*

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