In one-off documentary Confessions of a Serial Killer, Piers Morgan meets a convict who killed five women in 1973

In what the presenter calls ‘one of the most extraordinary encounters I’ve ever had’, Piers Morgan meets serial killer Bernard Giles in a new one-off.

In 1973, the then 20-year-old Giles killed five young female hitchhikers in Titusville, Florida.

He only escaped the death penalty by confessing to the murders.

Now after Giles has spent 45 years in jail, Piers wants to get to the bottom of what made a man who is now a polite, softly spoken 65-year-old kill.

What makes the encounter so extraordinary is that unlike other killers Piers has interviewed, Giles confesses his guilt, showed no signs of insanity and didn’t have a troubled childhood.

What also stands out is Giles’ inability to empathise – and apologise.

TV Times rating: ****