Conflict & heartbreak

As the series concludes, Jonah returns to Waterloo Road, and is telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s long since over Cesca. In truth, he’s secretly plotting their marriage, and manages to escape Karen’s watchful eye to head for Gretna Green with his lover. But it’s not long before his disappearance is noted and, in a dramatic turn of events, the police get involved to track the couple down.

Elsewhere, Ruby hands in her notice to begin a new literary career, and school panto day has finally arrived – but it’s far from all right on the night. Finn goads Kyle into a fight and succeeds in getting Kyle kicked off the cast so he can take the leading role himself. Sam is disgusted by his ploy, and the pair’s bickering leads the script unexpectedly off course.

Never one to be taken for a fool, Kyle persuades Denzil to concoct one of his famous stunts as an act of revenge. The results are explosive… and ultimately disastrous.