Confused Ashley wallops Laurel!

Dementia sufferer Ashley is devastated when he accidentally strikes Laurel in Emmerdale…

*Second episode*

At the hospital where boozy teen Gabby is being looked over after passing out, Ashley and Laurel are relieved to hear she will be OK. But a row soon erupts between the stressed-out parents which ends in dementia sufferer Ashley’s tears after he accidentally wallops his wife in the face!

The shattered family return to the village just as the Christmas lights are being turned on, and Bernice is shocked to see the terrible state the Thomases are in. At a very low ebb, Laurel makes a decision about her husband’s care.

Liv knows repercussions will be heading her way when she learns Gabby ended up in hospital after their drinking session. When Belle finds Liv, she takes her under her wing and urges her to delete the drunken footage she has of Gabby. Robert tries to reassure Aaron, Liv’s brother and guardian, that it will all blow over, but Aaron’s not so sure – and he’s right to worry as Gabby’s mum, Bernice, has got a bone to pick with his wayward sister…

Elsewhere, Finn tries to make up with Kasim, and Lisa asks Joanie and Zak to reconsider their plan to move away.