Congratulations, Cain – we’re having a baby!

Well, let’s face it, the only test Amy was likely to pass first time was a pregnancy test. She’s not happy about it but her disappointment is nothing compared to the daddy’s reaction – and the daddy is Cain. Yep. His one-night stand with Amy has come back to bite him. Amy goes to his house to tell him the news and his first reaction is to think she’s lying. When he realises she’s telling the truth he tells her he knows exactly what she has to do: have an abortion!

Roz has decided that she needs to leave the village and have a fresh start. She got the job in the textile firm, but Holly didn’t as she didn’t have the courage to go for the interview. So Roz is off, but Holly’s staying put. And farmer John and Moira are so happy they make her office manager at the farm. Great job – but the farm’s not exactly thriving…

Adam and Mia, on the other hand, ARE thriving. They’re back together but sneaking around so that Declan, Ella, farmer John and Moira have no idea. Trouble is, nothing stays a secret in Emmerdale long.