Susan and Edie’s heart-to-heart in the basement about love and romance seems to have changed their minds over certain things. Finally freed from their underground prison, Edie’s now decided to forgive Dave and take him back, while Susan rejects Jackson’s offer to move away and is trying to enjoy single life for a while. How long can she hold out, though, especially now Mike has declared his love for Katherine?

Lynette arrived at the old people’s home hoping to find Porter but instead heard some home truths from her mum (Polly Bergen) who laid into Lynette for not having any time for her. Porter wasn’t around either, so Lynette was forced into a drastic trick to catch up with him. She faked a car accident, knowing he’d come running to the hospital to see his stricken mum. Except she wasn’t hurt at all and she and Tom simply nabbed their fugitive son when he got there. As it happened, Porter’s case did get thrown out of court in the end due to lack of evidence, but he’s still got nasty Warren Shilling after him…

Gaby no longer has to rely on a scary stranger to come into her house to keep her unruly girls in line. She’s now persuaded Carlos to be the strictest of dads when he gets back from work.

And after some huge rows about Bree’s humiliation of Orson, Bree finally recognises her social short-comings and tells her future son-in-law Alex some secrets about her life and why she acts like such a bitch sometimes. It does manage to break the ice between the pair and it looks like Hodge family affairs can run smoothly for the time being.