Connie is still on the warpath after being overlooked for the Director of Surgery job in favour of her rival Michael. Concentrating all her efforts in to her ongoing project of surgical robotics, the Holby hotshot is hopeful of getting recognition for her efforts when the Director of Modern Technology from the Department of Health makes a visit to Darwin ward.

Thwarting her plan however is Michael, who tells Connie he wants in on her big presentation. Knowing Michael’s only out to put his stamp on Holby in his new job, Connie has no option but to let Michael share the praise for her hard work.
However, when Michael later realises he’s out of his depth and can’t give the presentation he begs Connie to take the lead and save his bacon with the bigwig.

Knowing that she’s got the power back, Connie agrees to step in and save Michael, but only if he promotes her to Director of Robotics. With no option, new chief Michael grants her wish at the eleventh hour.

Meanwhile, Maria is in a deep depression having received news that she may never walk again. Only the friendship of Sunita, the terminally ill girl in the hospital bed next to her, shows Maria that whatever the outcome, she has to have hope for the future.

Chrissie’s on the verge of telling Ollie that she’s pregnant with his baby but his overly cold attitude towards her puts her off. Will Ollie ever discover he’s set to be a dad?