Connie in crisis!

Connie feels the repercussions of her botched operation on friend Elaine this week. After the heart graft – the first as part of a risky new research program – went drastically wrong, patient and old confident Elaine has been left in a coma, potentially brain-damaged from lack of oxygen.

Desperate to keep a lid on the fact Elaine was effectively a guinea pig in the operating room, the all-conquering consultant is horrified when Elaine’s husband Kevin discovers the truth. Demanding answers, Connie is forced to admit that there were failings from the team in Elaine’s care. Angry, Kevin later steals Connie’s patient notes and threatens her with consequences after leaving Elaine in such a dire situation. Can Connie live with herself?

Meanwhile, Mark’s last day on the wards before taking on his new role as CEO ends in drama when he ends up locked under the hospital with a porter whose life hangs in the balance. Can Mark save one more life before joining ‘the suits’?

Elsewhere, new arrival, nurse Elizabeth Tate, ruffles Donna’s feathers.