The bitch is back! We catch up with cardiothoracic hotshot Connie Beauchamp living the dream in London, where she has a top job at private hospital The Trafalgar. But having her own personal elevator, a sexy younger boyfriend and a giant office overlooking the city skyline doesn’t guarantee happiness and soon enough we realise that the one-time Holby queen bee is still pining for her life back in the NHS.

Back at her old stomping ground, Elliot is unhappy with Toby, Connie’s pint-sized replacement at Darwin. Desperate to bring her back to the hospital, both Michael and Elliot pay Connie a visit. But persuading Beauchamp to give up her life in the capital isn’t going to be easy. While she’s happy to return to public healthcare, she isn’t returning to Holby until she gets her one wish: CEO Vanessa Lytton’s head on a plate. As Elliot leaves, unable to grant Connie her wish, we’re left wondering if we’ll ever see Connie back where she truly belongs?

Meanwhile, Penny is finding life on the wards a struggle having been made to resit her rotation on Darwin. She starts to consider the offer made by her secret boyfriend, heart patient Scott, to follow him for a new life in Spain. When her brother Oliver discovers Scott’s proposal, he sets about putting the stoppers on their relationship. Eventually, Scott realises he can’t ruin Penny’s career and leaves without her, breaking the junior doctor’s heart…

Elsewhere: Toby chastises Faye for the patient’s diet on her ward; Joseph has his nose put out of joint following his demotion.