Connie’s claws are out this week! The pushy consultant has her eye on Zoe’s Clinical Lead job and tries to use three recent deaths at the emergency department to her advantage.

During a meeting about the fatalities Connie dominates proceedings as Zoe tries to exert her authority. Afterwards she cosies up to doctor Ash and mentions Zoe could have saved a patient if she’d acted differently. Ash, himself involved with two of the deceased, reveals he’s handed in his notice. Later, determined to gain an ally, Connie encourages Ash to perform a risky procedure with her help. She reignites his excitement for medicine.

Connie believes she’s won an ally, but later Ash talks to Zoe and the pair agree not to be played by Connie!

An egotistical bodybuilder turns up at the ED dressed in lacy lingerie, super glued to his body by a rival competitor. He takes a shine to nurse Rita, but when she turns him down he accuses her of being gay!

Nurse manager Tess is unimpressed when she discovers Fletch is still moonlighting as a taxi driver.

Paramedic Jeff is surprised to see Tamzin (Gemma Atkinson) back at Holby. He asks her out for a drink to catch up, but when she reveals she’s engaged, he backtracks and says he’s busy.