Connie plots revenge!

ED clinical lead Connie Beauchamp hits the bottle as she struggles to accept her daughter Grace has left home to live with her gran. Not only is Connie finding solace in booze, she is also fuelled by thoughts of revenge on Hailey Blake, the grieving relative who shopped her to social services!

Connie tries to stay professional at work, but when a seriously ill patient comes in whose mother is too busy with work to care, it makes Connie question her treatment of Grace.

Meanwhile, Hailey turns up at the hospital begging Connie to drop legal action against her. At first the bitter doctor tells Hailey to get lost. Later, however, she relents and drops her feud with the grieving woman, realising only she is to blame for the problems with her neglected daughter.

But when Grace phone her mum to tell her she’s top of her math’s class, Connie chooses to ignore the call and deal with a patient instead…

Elsewhere, Zoe continues to act as if she’s not interested in ex Max. Robyn, dismayed by rising poverty in Holby, organises a foodbank at the hospital. And Cal books a holiday in party resort Magaluf for his reserved brother Ethan so he can have the flat to himself for a week in order to woo new lover Taylor!