Will Connie regret trusting Ethan with running the ED?

Connie entrusts Ethan with running the ED. Will she regret it?

Doctor Ethan Hardy gets a pleasant shock this week when Connie asks him to run the ED… but his dream scenario soon turns into a nightmare!

At first Ethan’s bowled over at the prospect of running the ED while Connie (Amanda Mealing) gets her secret chemotherapy treatment. As the shift starts Ethan’s keen to shine. He’s also terrified of making a mistake and causes extra work for himself by insisting he will personally review all junior doctors’ patients before they’re discharged!

With Ethan (George Rainsford) running about sorting admin and attending budget meetings, however, few patients are discharged and soon the ED’s in disarray! And later, when a stolen ambulance crashes into the estate agents outside, Holby ED must deal with a full-blown crisis.

Everyone quickly realises Ethan’s managerial style is very different to Connie’s

With lives at risk will Ethan rise to the challenge before chaos turns into catastrophe? Or, instead of running the ED efficiently, will Ethan’s run Connie’s beloved emergency department into the ground instead?

Too soon Glen. Too soon…

Meanwhile, Glen has another shock for Robyn – he’s the new hospital porter! In fairness it’s not in the same league as last week’s back-from-the-dead revelation, but it does explain why she’s not exactly delighted to see him. Robyn’s step-brother Max doesn’t plan on making Glen’s first day easy either…

Elsewhere, new F1 Rash’s confidence ebbs as his fear escalates. With his mentor Alicia busy on other duties, nurse David Hide offers to be Rash’s wingman. Could this be the cement their new friendship needs?

Also this week, Connie confronts her fears as she begins her cancer treatment. And, when Dylan treats a secretive priest there are an unholy amount of puns!