Clinical lead Connie is torn this week as her daughter Grace repeats her ultimatum – you can either have me in your life, or carry on your relationship with Jacob!

But when Connie tells Jacob she doesn’t want to see him any more, the fiery medic doesn’t take the news graciously. In fact, he volunteers to help out paramedics Iain and Jez, rather than spend time in the hospital with Connie!

Later when Connie hears Jacob and the paramedic crew need additional help to treat a homeless soldier in an unstable building, she races to help. But soon disaster strikes!

After expertly performing an arm amputation on the ex-soldier, Connie and Jacob should be following Iain, Jez, and the patient to safety. Instead, the ex-lovers end up alone in the dangerous building arguing!

In the heat of a fierce fight they fail to notice the building is about to collapse, until it’s too late! They fall through the floor and end up injured and trapped in a basement, while being showered with choking debris. They get out alive, but only just. But will this strengthen their relationship or act as the final straw?

Also this week, Ethan’s turmoil turns into hatred for his brother Cal. He soon regrets some hasty and hateful words, however. The grieving brothers manage to make up, and Ethan resolves to be more spontaneous now he knows he has Huntington’s disease.

Mercedes’ (Hannah Spearritt) lonely son, Connor, turns up at the ED looking for friendly porter, Max.

And Noel has some news for temporary landlord, Jack… He and Big Mac have made up, so he’s moving back in with his best friend.