After the recent critical report about the ED, Connie’s determined to drive up standards, but she riles Rita by dishing out patient surveys about her nurses, and makes the junior doctors jumpy by constantly checking up on them.

Ever the peacemaker, Charlie tells Connie not to take the report personally and back off the staff a bit. But later he spots her looking teary and begins to suspect something else is going on in her life.

Eventually Charlie breaks down the clinical lead’s hard front and a surprisingly vulnerable Connie reveals the real reason why she came back to take over the Holby ED, but swears him to secrecy… Her dad died in appalling conditions four years earlier and now she’s on a mission of hospital reform!

Also this week, Emmerdale’s Anna Brecon (best knows as the soap’s villain, Lady Tara, from 1997 to 2002) guest stars as social worker Beth. Unwell Beth winds up in Holby ED doubled up in pain, but when Dylan takes Beth to task for lying about cancer treatment. Lofty works out Beth is hiding something and challenges Dylan, finally earning some long overdue respect.

Elsewhere, Connie is disappointed when Dylan turns down her offer to work as a team. Zoe and Max take to the hospital rooftop in a bid to hide their relationship. And Robyn continues to hold a torch for housemate and colleague Lofty…