Connie’s released… Does she want revenge?

Last week Connie was charged with the murder of terminally ill Alfred Maxwell, after nurse manager Rita hid evidence that could prove her innocence. This week, a magistrate puts Connie on remand, pending her trial, while the hospital suspends her until further notice!

While Connie languishes behind bars, haven given up all hope, Charlie manages to guilt Rita into coming clean. He goes on to clear Connie’s name, without incriminating Rita.

On being released from prison the first thing Connie wants to do is head to the hospital. But before she enters the grounds, Charlie gets a call from his son’s girlfriend in Romania. Louis’s been badly beaten up and needs his dad’s help. Connie decides to go with Charlie, to repay him for helping her get released.

Elsewhere, Lofty and Max are barely on speaking terms during their shift, following Lofty’s cowardly treatment of Robyn. Will they kiss and make up, or is this the end of the band?

And Big Mac is moved by the plight of dementia sufferer, Lola, and her daughter, who is finding it increasingly difficult to cope.

Meanwhile, Robyn’s head is turned by a handsome medical courier!