Ruthless consultant Connie tells hospital boss Guy Self his Clinical Lead isn’t up to the job!

This week, the ruthless surgeon tips off Holby CEO Guy Self that Zoe is struggling to cope with running the ED, and the big boss himself turns up in the department to check up on her. Unfortunately for Zoe, his visit coincides with a fire at a local care home, and the hospital is inundated with elderly patients.

When a 91-year-old patient dies in the ED, increasing the department’s recent death toll to four, the future looks grim for Zoe. Tense after Guy’s visit, she loses her cool with Connie in front of patients and staff, which leaves Connie practically rubbing her hands in glee.

Connie’s ambitious eye is firmly on the position of Clinical Lead and, with Guy’s backing, she hopes it’s only a matter of time before she’s running the ED.

Zoe’s still hanging onto her job – but can she continue to runt he ED under such enormous pressure?

Elsewhere, dismayed Lily realises fellow doctor Cal was using her, and their night together was nothing more than a one-night stand.

Broke Fletch’s debt deepens when he’s obliged to pay out to Cal, who made a bet he could bed Lily.

New nurse Lofty returns to the ED after his banishment to the minor injuries department for irresponsible behaviour. He manages to impress Tess with some thoughtful nursing.

Meanwhile feisty nurse Rita takes on the owner of a nursing home, when she believes him to be acting unethically. It also becomes apparent there’s more to Rita than meets the eye when an old friend being treated at the hospital asks after her husband – and Rita is forced to admit in front of her colleagues that he’s dead.