Connie wants a piece of the action

Tara and Elliot are working on a pitch to fund a new medical procedure. When Connie overhears this she wants to join in and gives a great pitch for the board, gaining their support and funding. Tara tells Connie to back off and stop taking all the glory, but Connie stands her ground. On reflection, she decides to step down and let Tara and Elliot have their moment.

Linden is still giving Oliver a tough time, so Oliver tries to impress him by diagnosing a difficult patient. He learns that Daisha discharged the patient but when he asks her about it, she is defensive. He hits the text books and finds out the patient has a tumour. Linden is impressed, but the patient is now furious with Daisha for discharging him. Oliver and Daisha turn against Oliver. Feeling washed out, he goes for a drink with Chrissie.

Donna is surprised to see her father Derek on the ward. He begs her to let him leave but she wants to run some tests. Derek tries to make a run for it but collapses. Ric discovers that Derek has cancer of the spleen, pancreas and abdominal wall – not good news but operable.