Connie wants answers in Saturday’s episode! The net is beginning to tighten on doctor Dylan Keogh. First Louise pays him a visit at home and has her suspicions confirmed that he’s smuggled refugee child Sanosi into the UK. Then, later at the hospital, Connie goes on the warpath when social services begin investigating the recent treatment of a mystery unaccompanied minor at the ED!

How much longer can Dylan keep Sanosi a secret?

Realising there’s bad blood between Louise, Dylan and David on the wards Connie calls the bickering trio into her office and demands answers. But when she’s met with stony silence, furious Connie (Amanda Mealing) decides to do some digging of her own, which leads her to visit Dylan’s boat! Is the game up for Dylan and Sanosi? And will Louise and David be compromised too?

Things go terribly wrong when Lily joins Iain and Sam for a shift

Elsewhere, Lily (Crystal Yu) discovers her application for a residential research post has been accepted. Unsure if she wants to cut her budding relationship with paramedic Iain short for the sake of her career, Lily engineers an observation day with Iain and his overfamiliar sidekick Sam before making her decision. Heckles are raised from the get-go between Iain’s ex Sam and jealous Lily… And before the day is over voices are raised too! Will this influence whether or not Lily takes the new job?

Meanwhile, after a meaningful encounter with mortician Tara, Max considers contacting his estranged wife Zoe Hanna. Ethan (George Rainsford) is actively avoiding Connie since last week’s illegal surgery activity. While Elle is ignoring her new boyfriend’s calls…