Connie’s back – and she’s got big plans for the ED!

Casualty spoilers and first-look pictures! Connie returns and draws battle lines with Charlie, Ethan and her ED team

Queen of Casualty Connie Beauchamp returns to her rightful position as ED clinical lead this week, causing junior doctors to shake in her wake while more experienced medics wonder what she’s planning for the emergency department.

When Connie (Amanda Mealing) reveals her plans to close pal and senior nurse Charlie Fairhead, he’s shocked and utterly opposed to her suggestions. What is Connie cooking up?

It’s one year since Ethan Hardy’s brother Cal was murdered by evil Scott Ellisson, and the grieving medic spends it by helping deceased Scott’s girlfriend Leigh-Anne!

Ethan offers Leigh-Anne a shoulder to cry on. Where is this going?

When poverty and despair cause Leigh-Anne to panic and do something desperate, Ethan does everything he can to stop the new mum losing custody of her son, Kiegan. Leigh-Anne begins to see the muddled medic as her saviour, and they become closer… Will grieving Ethan (George Rainsford) reveal his warped connection to an equally vulnerable Leigh-Anne?

Standoff! Connie Vs Ethan. Battle lines are drawn

Elsewhere, Connie is scathing towards Ethan on her return, having forgotten it’s Cal’s anniversary. Will she be forced to eat her words, or will battle lines be drawn between the former friends?

This week’s patient case even has experience medic Iain raising an eyebrow…

Also this week, Iain and Sam find an abandoned baby in their ambulance, Alicia is strong-armed by the team into celebrating her new home, and Rash is jealous of new porter Rob, who’s a big hit with Gem!

There’s also a classic Casualty injury scene this week. A tense patient storyline will have you reaching for a cushion!