Clinical lead Connie convinces herself the hospital is fully functioning following the death of popular paramedic Jeff. Yet it’s clear to both CEO Guy Self and senior charge nurse Charlie this is not the case…

Connie’s business-as-usual attitude is a far cry from previous clinical lead Zoe Hanna’s more human approach and both Charlie and Guy take Connie aside and recommend staff counselling while reproaching her management style.

Emotions are running among the staff in the wake of Jeff’s shocking death at the scene of a road accident. His wife Dixie throws herself into her paramedic duties. Doctor Ash is devastated, as he knows Dixie holds him responsible for Jeff’s demise, as his injuries at the crash put Jeff in danger. Meanwhile, Connie is cracking at the seams and on a very short fuse. She’s also having some family trouble with her wayward daughter!

Even though Zoe walked away from the ED months before, she’s concerned about her former colleagues and sends them a thoughtful hamper. For once workaholic Connie is in Zoe’s shadow.

With her staff not coping and the pressure piling on her, Connie realises she needs outside help and puts in a call to Zoe…

Elsewhere, Ethan is discharged from hospital. His brother Cal helps him move into a new flat – but also uses the opportunity to make himself at home in the spare room!