Connie’s death shock!

Connie Beauchamp’s week takes a tragic twist when her old friend and heart surgery patient Elaine dies. Just weeks after a botched operation under Connie’s instructions left Elaine brain damaged, the death blow hits Connie hard – leaving a reconciliation with Elaine’s livid husband Kevin impossible.

After a confrontation with Kevin, Connie is stunned to hear that he wishes she had died instead of Elaine. Later that day, the steely surgeon finds herself in danger when an angry relative of a former patient arrives back at the hospital, threatening Connie. Saved by unlikely hero Kevin, Connie begins to question whether hospital life is worth the stress…

Meanwhile, Faye confides in Joseph that she is pregnant with his baby – but he accuses her of trying to fleece him for child support. Greg snares his first sexual conquest at the hospital in old flame Connie.